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Fix MS Edge URL paste issue
26 November 2020 nonfiction explain microsoft edge teams

Some applications are actually helpful. Others try and fail. This week, Microsoft Edge browser is in the latter category.

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Give us the money or the kid gets it!
26 November 2020 nonfiction explain charity christmas long copy

I donate a small amount of income to a very good charity once a month. Like many charities, they do excellent work, and there’s also a personal aspect to my donations as they helped some close friends a few years ago.

Today I received a long copywriting letter from them which made me want to wash my head in a bucket of water.

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Android Volume control
18 November 2020 nonfiction review analyze android apps ux design

For every clever idea there’s what’s called an “edge case”, a situation no-one thought about and which is assumed to be a rare event.

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I'm an amateur photographer and carry around an Olympus OM-5, a digital facsimile of a 1960s design. Or I did before #covid-19...
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