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Who are you?

I’m a professional writer with 20+ years’ experience communicating with diverse audiences, including IT professionals, School Administrators, staff and families, non-profit organisations, media and small business. I use critical analysis and research skills to turn complex ideas and processes into easy-to-read content. My communication and interviewing skills are further enhanced by my counselling studies which have helped better understand human behaviour and needs.

How do you work?

When I'm contacted I'll let you know my rates and then work with you to determine your actual needs. This list of items becomes the project brief.

I'll add the project brief to my project management and billing system, where I will also:

  • Split the brief into individual tasks
  • Add your business to the system
  • Add you and any stakeholders (people involved with the project) to the system.

Then I'll give you a unique project email address to use whilst the project is running. This can be used by project stakeholders to discuss and receive updates.contact so you can raise queries and communicate, and you'll be able to login and see overall project progress.

What are your rates?

I charge time at $50/hour, and will issue weekly invoices for work completed.

I'm happy to quote for work.

Where do you work?

I'm located in Northcote, Victoria and work from home, which means I won't need space in your office.

I'm happy to meet face-to-face, depending on Covid-19 restrictions.

I'm also on Skype.

Who are your clients?

Full list of clients on LinkedIn

Some recent clients include:

Australian Association of Writing Programmes

Services included:

  • Restoration of website systems after outage
  • Written report on incident breakdown, and recommendations to avoid issues in future
  • Move of AAWP wordpress website to Dreamhost Dreampress Wordpress managed hosting
  • Restoration of email accounts
  • Written report on new systems, clear outline of how systems work together, recommendations on site security and site improvements.


Services included: