Domain names, Registration and Hosting

What's the difference between a Domain name, Registration and Hosting?

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Think of it like this

You're moving home and want to receive your letters and packages at your new location.

To do this, you pay Australia Post (or your local mail provider) a small fee to redirect all letters and packages.

Hosting your website

Hosting is a little like renting a new home.

In this case you're renting space on someone else's computer to store your website files.

Website files can be as simple as basic HTML and CSS, or as complex as web applications like the WordPress Content Management System.

The Hosting company supplies a basic address you enter into your web browser so you can access your website while it's being built. But this won't be pretty, and will be hard to remember.

What you need is a Domain Name.

Domain Names and Registration

A Domain name is the pretty name for your website, and can be almost anything.

The Domain Name Registrar is a company which performs the function of Australia Post in our example.

You rent the domain name with a registrar, then supply the redirection details.

In this case, these details are called Name-servers and will usually follow the form,