Book updates

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This is my big project, a novel that’s been through several rewrites and has coalesced into a story about how precarious human society really is, the Fermi Paradox, and what happens to all your data when you die.

It’s set in Melbourne, Australia (because I’ve never been to New York and London is a distant memory), and began as an extension of ideas explored in a series of interlinking short stories first put together in around 2005 in the short-lived street magazine “The Ink Slingers”.

Big thanks to Monika Hocks who’s read about twelve different versions and watched my writing go from ADHD bouncing around the room, peering at the pretty things, to ADHD on decent stimulants resulting in focus and clarity unheard of over the last 10 years.

Yeah. It’s taken 10 years.

But you can’t rush perfection.

Current status: Part 1 (chapters 1-4) complete, 5 not far off and the other 6 are in pieces but easy enough to reassemble.