Stop autoplay videos in Firefox, Edge and Chrome

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Firefox is the only web browser that reliably stops autoplay videos.

Autoplay videos are the bane of my life, constantly jumping up and down in the corner while I’m trying to read something. It’s actually a Dark Pattern, simply because it draws attention from what I want to read in favour of the whatever the marketing department wants to promote.

Unfortunately you have to EXPLICITLY disable videos. And browsers implement this differently in predictable fashion.

Start with Privacy Badger

Step one is to install Privacy Badger, which disables most of the annoyances, advertising and all that stuff.

What is Privacy Badger
Privacy Badger is a browser add-on that stops advertisers and other third-party trackers from secretly tracking where you go and what pages you look at on the web.

Disable videos in Firefox

Firefox is the only browser that actually properly blocks autoplay videos.

  • Click > Options (or Preferences on Ubuntu.)

  • Type Autoplay in the search field.

  • Click Autoplay Settings.

  • Click Block Audio and Video in Default for all websites.

  • Click Save Changes

Disable videos in MS Edge (Don’t bother)

I’m impressed how hard Microsoft make it to disable videos.

I’m even more impressed that despite researching these steps and testing, Media still autoplays.

I’d welcome feedback on whether these steps actually work for you.

Enable the Disabled setting

I shit you not.

  • In your address field, copy and paste the following:
  • Select Enabled from Show block option in autoplay settings.

  • Restart MS Edge.

Disable autoplay

  • Click > Settings. You’ll find this at the top right.

  • Enter the following into your address bar:

  • Choose Block.

Disable videos in Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge now uses the Chromium Engine, which means it’s basically just a rebadged Google Chrome.

However, Google Chrome doesn’t even offer what Edge does.

So to stop autoplay videos, you need to install a plugin. Why aren’t I surprised?

Install autoplay stopping plugins.