Copywriting for Linked Success

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Client: Linked Success Start: Sep 2019 Status: Ongoing

Linked Success is a small software company in Traralgon whose main product is the uEducateUs school administration application.


I’ve done a few jobs for them, including copywriting, help writing and website setup in Jekyll.

I started with a job to write copy for their Kiosk system, an iPad app that records arrivals and departures for students, staff and visitors.

Early in 2020, I was asked to redesign and rewrite their uEducateUs website. Site files are stored in Atlassian Bitbucket and the site is built in Jekyll using the Minimal Mistakes theme (with a little customization). The design was spun out to the corporate website to keep things consistent. I’ve written a WIKI for the design in Bitbucket to aid with handover.

Both sites needed copywriting, which I continue to update as new features are rolled out.

And currently I’m writing a new help system for the uEducateUs app. The original PDF help was included in the application and was difficult to maintain. We’ve moved over to Atlassian Confluence and the system is being written from the ground-up.

Marketing collateral for Linked Success
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The client needed a brochure template that made it quick and easy to update and sent out...

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The password trade-off
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An article written and distributed to teachers and parents using the uEducateUs product...

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Copywriting for Linked Success
01 January 2020 nonfiction clients linkedsuccess copywriting

I'm writing copy online help and have setup a new corporate websites for Linked Success...

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