Stop LinkedIn Autoplay video

1 minute read

I’ve recently returned to LinkedIn to update my resume and details. I’m doing this in Firefox which has become my default browser because it at least makes an effort to apply web standards and my preferences.

Linkedin, however, happily ignores my “Do Not Autoplay Video” settings. Instead, I have to explicitly disable it. LinkedIn provide help on this, but offer this oddly contradictory advice:

Note: We recommend disabling video player-related browser extensions while on LinkedIn, since these may interfere with autoplay functionality.

Disable autoplay video on Linkedin

Here’s how you do it (at time of writing, 4 Feb 2021)

  • Click your personal icon in the top toolbar > Settings & Privacy > Account Preferences.

  • Click Autoplay Videos > wait for it to expand…

  • Click to NO.

Hang on, that sounds like a dark pattern?

Yep. The fact you have to explicitly click Autoplay Videos in order to expose the functional button is a Dark Pattern. It’s adding unnecessary steps.

There are two ways to fix this problem.

  1. Respect browser settings for autoplay – seriously Linkedin (and Microsoft), this is a no-brainer and just makes your site more difficult to use. LinkedIn is a gnat on the backside of Facebook, but whatever Facebook can do, LinkedIn will copy to somehow take advantage of all those low-risk advertising dollars.

  2. If you absolutely have to have a switch to turn Autoplay off, don’t hide it behind an expanding panel. Hell, why not put UX settings as buttons on the UX instead of beneath two menu options you can only find if you’re looking for them?

The moral: Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.