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Client: Start: Sep 2017 Status: Ongoing

I’m writing end-to-end tutorials for the Database Security system, with a design that resembles the Ubuntu Tutorials.

image-center is a database security company with a unique product that centralizes control over database access in a simple and clean User Interface designed by Manita Johnson.

I raided an earlier context-help system for relevant materials, and am writing new tutorials from the ground up.

Mamori help is built in Jekyll and uses the Minimal Mistakes theme
01 January 2020 nonfiction clients jekyll database security mamori documentation

I'm writing end-to-end tutorials for the database security product...

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Stealing the crown jewels
08 August 2019 nonfiction explain database security data breach mamori internet

How to avoid losing your client's private data, and then your business...

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Online Services
01 January 2010 nonfiction clients jekyll wordpress mamori linked success copywriting

I've helped a number of small businesses build a web presence...

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