Clippy returns as Powerpoint Designer

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Click to view 3-step instructions to turn Powerpoint Designer off.

Remember “Clippy” the allegedly helpful paperclip that rolled out with Microsoft Word about 25 years ago?

The Tragic Life of Clippy, the World's Most Hated Virtual Assistant
...Stationed somewhere in between those gaffes sits Clippy, the unofficial name for the bouncing, sentient paper clip introduced by Microsoft in 1996 in a bid to help people hone their word processing skills...

Well Microsoft are at it again with the “Design Ideas” panel that pops up whenever you do something. Create a powerpoint, there it is. Paste an image, up it pops. It’s Clippy by another name.

And I’m not the only one who finds this annoying. There’s a whole page of “How do I turn this bloody thing off” pages in Google search and other engines.

Enough talking! How do I turn it off?

  • Open Powerpoint

  • Click File > Options > General

  • Scroll down to Powerpoint Designer

  • Untick/Uncheck Automatically show me design ideas

  • Click Ok.