Stopping autoscroll

1 minute read

It’s Christmas so I thought I’d buy myself a Doctor Who DVD box set I didn’t have.

So I went to a local seller, JB HiFi who usually have decent deals. And after less than five minutes trying to navigate my way around, I wrote this message to them:

I’m writing about your website, and some issues regarding the auto-scrolling slideshow advertising your wares. I have ADHD which means I’m easily distracted at the best of times. The slideshow’s speed, repeitions and strobing as it transitions from dark to light ruins any chance I have of trying to buy something on the site. From an accessibility perspective, there appear to be no controls to stop the scrolling. The bottom line is that if I install a Script Blocker to stop the scrolling, it breaks the entire site. So any way you cut it, I’m not buying from you. I am possibly not alone in this feeling, and I’m writing to explain why I won’t be back. It’s a pity but there you are.

Hurrah! There is a solution!

A cursory search online suggests I’m not alone in my hatred of these bloody things. And during the research I found this article which gives several ways to stop it.

Slideshows on websites drive me crazy.
This is not something that can be illustrated with a screenshot. It would have to be a movie. That's the problem. The movement.

And like I said in the message, I took the nuclear option, but there may be alternatives.