Fix MS Edge URL paste issue

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Some applications are actually helpful. Others try and fail. This week, Microsoft Edge browser is in the latter category.

Some hidden update took place, and suddenly when I was copying page addresses, they were being reformatted on paste into a labelled hyperlink rather than your traditional

This was a pain, because I’m working on a help system in Atlassian Confluence right now (the reasons for using this rather than something like Jekyll boil down to one thing: It’ll be simpler for Customer Support to maintain long-term).

Me, I’d rather be using a site builder than farting around in the weird half-and-half editor Confluence supplies, but that’s a discussion for another time.

So here I am, pasting hyperlinks to build things, and what I’m getting is a named link rather than the URL. Which then necessitates me clicking the link to remove the label and try and get it to do what’s in the other 150 pages of help.

I thought this was a Confluence issue, mainly because when I tried pasting into MS Teams, the same thing happened.

But I was wrong.

Microsoft Edge is trying to be helpful

My suspicions were aroused when I tried a cut and paste from another browser. Pasting into a destination gave me the expected URL.

So I dug through the Edge settings and found it had suddently defaulted to Link which gave me the unexpected results, instead of Plain Text which was just the URL and nothing but the URL.

MS edge share, copy, paste settings
The prime suspect

And of course Microsoft is calling it an improvement.

How to fix this

The Verge discusses this too, but I worked out a solution myself.

  • Click > Settings.

  • Click Share, Copy & Paste.

  • Click Plain Text